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Samson Lov

Thank you for making us part of your success. - Citi


For the past seven years I've been connecting CRE people and helping them to make and maintain relationships. I help our clients leverage technology to amplify their existing marketing efforts & to grow their real estate businesses & relationships. I enjoy speaking at CRE conferences, & I'm a passionate technologist.

My real estate experience began in 1994 working for Koss Financial Corp. as a commercial mortgage broker.  I'm not a commercial mortgage broker anymore, now I connect borrowers, mortgage bankers, brokers, and lenders to get more loan requests funded faster. 

Michael Koss & I assembled our awesome team to build the premier online resource for connect people seeking CRE financing with matching debt & equity sources.

Koss REsource is the premier resource commercial real estate professionals use to connect with capital providers:  • real estate loans  • investors  • lenders  • mortgage bankers  • mortgage brokers  • full service commercial real estate brokerage professionals  • institutional lenders  • private money lenders  • hard money lenders  • other real estate financing (equity, mezz)  • networking opportunities  • conferences & events

I'm active in the Real Estate & Construction Division of the Jewish Federation & I support several commercial real estate associations including:  • CMA  • CMBA  • ICSC  • MBa  • NAIOP, The Commercial Real Estate Development Association  • ULI

We built the exclusive network for commercial real estate people so they can connect without the "overhead" / "noise" often associated with other "open" / "mass audience" networks. :)

Industry Expertise

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Consultants and Advisors
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Finance
  • Other Professionals
    • Advertising / Marketing
      • Conferences and Networking
    • Information Technology
      • Software and Systems


My Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Grow/manage our online presence
  • Develop, manage, & refine our platform
  • Develop industry partnerships

- Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Develop technical & business partnerships
  • Recruit/grow the technical team
  • Select vendors & negotiate all contracts
  • Select/develop of software, hardware, frameworks, & other services
  • Select development methodologies & enforce best practices
  • Implement continuous integration testing & hallway usability testing
  • Select/develop analytics (tools & services) & “measure everything”
  • Define short and long-term goals, measure progress, make adjustments as needed
  • Bridge the executive, marketing, & development teams

- Koss REsource Timeline:

  • 2011 - Launched private beta ("prototype")

1,200+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database: 6k people (.6% of CRE professionals)

  • 2012 - Launched semi-public beta ("prototype")

12,000+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database: 32k people (3.2% of CRE professionals)

  • 2013 - 30,000+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database: 85k people (8.5% of CRE professionals)

  • 2014 - 50,000+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database: 145k people (14.5% of CRE professionals)

  • 2015 - Active CRE professionals from all "major metros" including 49 states & Washington D.C.

100,000+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database of 270k people comprises (27% of CRE professionals)

  • 2016 - 130,000+ CRE professional & company profiles

CRE database of 340k people comprises (34% of CRE professionals)