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Ron Sentchuk

Founder and CEO
Rodeo Lending - Commercial & Residential Finance
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One of the most advantageous benefits of a hard-money loan from Logan Investments is that we are the sole decision makers when it comes to determining whether to lend or not. There aren't any banks or millionare CEO's deciding to withhold funds because of some arbitrary regulation. We realize that different situations require a unique lending solution. We specialize in helping borrowers where others won't.

Logan Investments makes hard-money lending easy. We're ready to unlock your lending problems and open opportunities to complete your goals. Whether you need money to finish a contruction project or you're looking to build an apartment building we have the expertise to get you on your way. The following tables list out qualifications for an equity loan from Logan Investments.

For a complete explanation of qualifications or answers to your hard-money loan questions please contact us today at 1-800-757-3070. We'll review the details of your situation and make a lending recommendation aimed at providing you the most effective means for accomplishing your objectives.

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