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Elliott Kimmel

VP Mortgage Loan Originator
Meridian Capital Group
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Private Mortgage Fund:
• 3 I/O year term financing (with no prepay penalties)
• CA Properties Only
• All properties (except owner occupied residential properties)
• Rates starting at 7.99%
• Funding Immediately: 1-3 days of approval with same day LOI's
• $200k-$15MM loans
• No Credit/No Appraisal
• Foreign Investors/ Poor Credit/ Flips/ Reno/ Investment Property

Phone: 818-702-2551 ext 7

We also assist with conventional commercial and residential loans, brokerage, direct assessment appeals, and a variety of other Real Estate matters to save you money.

Industry Expertise

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Agency and Brokerage
      • Commercial Mortgage Broker
    • Analysis and Reporting
      • Analysis
    • Construction and Development
    • Consultants and Advisors
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Investment / Acquisitions
      • Commercial Real Estate Investor
  • Other Professionals
    • Legal
      • Attorney
        • Real Estate


Private Lending & Property Tax Appeals