Flying D Ranch (Ventura)

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2317 Dickenson Drive Santa Paula CA 93060

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Land, Development & Public Works
Special Purpose & Limited Use Properties
Farm and Ranch - Argribusiness
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038-0-050-01; 038-0-050-02; 038-0-050-03; 038-0-050-14; 038-0-050-15; 038-0-050-16; 102-0-140-35
Rich Soil. Rich History. Located just over an hour outside of Los Angeles, Flying D Ranch commands 1,281 acres including a 1950s Austin Pierpoint architectural home in addition to three ranch-hand homes, a barn and 145 profitable acres of Haas avocado and Lisbon lemon orchards. Teaming with horses, cattle and birds, the ranch is an open air paradise with expansive views of the ocean, and country views of Nordhoff Peak and the Ojai Bluffs. Tucked away in a peaceful canyon setting, the ranch is just minutes from the historic town of Santa Paula, the site of many films, and 16 miles from Ojai, a destination within Ventura County. Originally acquired in the 1920s by a family of aviators, the ranch retains a rich aeronautical history—a legacy tied to the Santa Paula Airport and local Aviation Museum. Aside from its agricultural operation and significant development and water rights, the possibilities for the ranch and acreage are endless. The topography is diverse allowing for a multitude of uses such as a dude ranch, a housing development, a golf resort, a series of luxury ranchettes or vineyards. Come home to the idyllic ranch lifestyle at Flying D Ranch. See video showcasing house, favorable topography :
* PRICE REDUCED FROM $20,000,000 to $18,000,000 * 1,281-acre ranch with cattle, horses and hillside orchards * 7 pacels included in sale (APN: 038-0-050-01; 038-0-050-02; 038-0-050-03; 038-0-050-14; 038-0-050-15; 038-0-050-16; 102-0-140-35) * Profitable 145 acre avocado and lemon agricultural operation and significant development rights * Historic ranch estate + 3 ranch-hand guest houses + 1 barn * Various development possibilities with favorable topography (Significant development rights with extensive plans and environmental studies) * Few miles from historic town of Santa Paula and 16 miles for the famed Ojai, within the County of Ventura CURRENT ZONING HIGHLIGHTS (per owners): *Zoning for 450 single Family detached (SFD) units that includes an unapproved Specific Plan, approved EIR and associated analysis and reports, site/grading plans and cost estimates. * The latest engineering and grading plans are designed for 1,900 single family detached residential units and amenities. * The City is moving forward with a GPU. * It is the owner's belief that Flying D Ranch is not subject to SOAR. * There are water rights and a well for the agriculture

Lisa Gild
Partners Trust
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Los Angeles, CA

2317 Dickenson Drive Santa Paula, CA 93060
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