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Specialty Lending Group

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About Us

Specialty Lending Group has experts on staff with over 25 years of experience helping people capture opportunities and help structure financial transactions with creative financial solutions.

SLG is based in Maryland and caters to property owners, purchasers and investors in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC (our back yard). SLG plans to expand to other metropolitan areas in the coming months but will entertain loans out of area at minimum loan of $2M.

Don’t wait – call the experts at SLG today. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed you made the call.

Why work with The Specialty Lending Group?
When standard funding from banks and other lending institutions are not possible or desirable – SLG provides short-term financing for commercial and residential real estate investors in need of a no-hassle solution. Although you may think you are running out of options, SLG makes it possible to borrow up to 70% of the fair market value of your property.

Our staff helps investors with less than perfect credit find hard money loans to fit various financial situations quickly and efficiently.

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Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals