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CCG Capital, LLC

Freedom Financial Funds Provides Expert Financing for Deals Under $10 Million
About Us

CCG Capital makes asset-based loans for commercial and non-owner occupied residential real estate projects. Our commitment is to provide fast and flexible solutions to each borrower's unique and unconventional financing requirements.

Unlike conventional bank loans, our asset-based loans are approved based on the After-Built-Value or After-Repaired-Value of the borrower's real estate asset. Entities with viable investment projects that fit within our lending parameters will be considered for a loan. As the direct lender, we are able to close on approved loan requests in as little as 10 business days after receiving all underwriting documents. Our loans typically range from $250k - $5M with 3 to 18 month terms depending on the project.

Lender Categories
Correspondent Lender
Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals