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Kellen Jones

Cache Private Capital
Chief Strategic Officer
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Kellen Jones, as the Chief Operations Officer, is responsible for creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining all primary operations within CPC. Mr. Jones is responsible for critical jobs such as advising on company product development and internal lending procedures, ensuring a healthy loan pipeline, meeting company loan objectives, and bringing new strategic initiatives to the company. Mr. Jones’ ability to tap into his creativity, strategic ability and management skills have impacted lending modalities from streamlining private lending systems, placement of funds, and effectiveness of exit strategies.

Mr. Jones’ broad array of experience includes a depth of knowledge in land development, commercial and residential properties, retail leasing, raw land, and several other non-conventional assets. Over the past decade Mr. Jones has managed a $150 million collateral disposition team and played a pivotal role in the implementation of over $750 million in private loan transactions. Mr. Jones was appointed to serve on the American Association of Private Lenders Ethics Advisory Committee through 2017.

Mr. Jones is also the president and co-founder of, a leading private loan placement service for many types of finance. Mr. Jones received his BS from Southern Utah University. He is a frequent presenter and advisor at mortgage strategy seminars, Utah Business Week, and is the recipient of the FBLA Business Law and Marketing Award. Additionally Mr. Jones has won literary, arts, and business competitions and accolades throughout the region.

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