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Dr. Jordan C. Schaul

Samuel Schaul Company
Business Development
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Born to and raised in a family of retail brokers and developers, Schaul was immersed in the culture of the commercial realestate industry at a young age.

He's a consummate networker and serial entrepreneur.
In 2016, he launched the digital PR firm Bicoastal Reputation Management ( The boutique web branding service caters to a diverse clientele base comprised of business executives & celebrity influencers eligible for exclusive biographical platforms like Wikipedia or IMDb. He welcomes brokers and developers with extensive press coverage to inquire about having a Wikipedia page generated.

He has archived some of his interviews with public figures at

A former professor of wildlife health and conservation science, Schaul has worked with exotic and domestic animal populations in zoos and sanctuaries and independently as a consultant at He has served on several nonprofits boards.

His father (Samuel W. Schaul) is the founder of Samuel Schaul Company with offices in Ohio and Nevada. To reach Sam directly, please contact him at 216 396 8855. Jordan's younger brother Drew C. Schaul is an Executive Vice President with
RKF and based in South Florida (

Jordan's Biography:

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