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Jake Sharp has a unique background that grew into an exciting career in the CRE space for 27 years and counting. Jake started working at the early age of 14 as a sponsored and then professional skateboarder based in Southern California where he traveled for most of his teenage years to major cities throughout the United States for sponsors such as Dogtown Skateboards, Santa Cruz Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Etnies Shoes, and many more. Skateboarding is where he learned his life motto “Never Give Up,” which defines his life and work ethic to this day and the work ethic for all who join him in his namesake CRE firm Jake Sharp Group. A knee injury at the age of 19 would transition Jake from the world of skateboarding where he was filmed doing stunts outside high-rise buildings across the country to going to work for a family office that manufactured steel products to help build high-rise buildings across the country. The timing of that career transition was perfect for Jake as the Western United States was entering a major expansion in CRE where Jake focused heavily on Las Vegas, Nevada from 1995 to 2006 and participated in the build of Bellagio Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Paris Las Vegas, New York-New York Hotel and Casino, and Wynn Las Vegas to name a few. More recently Jake Sharp Group has supplied the build of the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel (SR 99 Tunnel) since 2013 which is a 2 mile tunnel underneath the city of Seattle Washington with a total project size that has surpassed $3.3 Billion and completes in early 2019. Jake, always a true entrepreneur at heart, began buying small CRE pieces of the projects in 2000 that he was involved in and in 2005 he saw an even greater opportunity would be to also provide the debt and equity for CRE projects. Jake in 2005 set a long term goal to become a leader in the CRE Capital Markets space and to do so when he would be able to stand out from the rest of the competitors in his field, and help property owners in a truly meaningful way. Jake had learned, and to this day will tell you that though many of his CRE mentors pressed upon him “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION” Jake continually pressed back to them in response “TIMING, TIMING, TIMING” above all else is what Jake knows and believes to this day to be the greatest key to success in CRE and virtually everything else in business. That opportune “TIMING” for Jake to enter and make the greatest impact in the CRE Capital Markets space was in early 2008. As others left the space or sat on the sidelines waiting for the dust to settle Jake decided he would make a major impact by diving in at that exact time and providing property owners lifesaving cash out CRE Loans to help property owners stabilize their properties and projects until the financial storm was over(2008-2012). The results of helping hundreds of clients during the downturn has lead to thousands of wonderful success stories that continue to grow year after year. Property owners and trusted brokers continue to refer business to JSG time and time again across the country saying “if you have a challenging deal in need of debt or equity or often both, you need to talk with Jake Sharp, he gets the most challenging deals done!” Currently Jake splits the majority of his business time between California and New York with current Jake Sharp Group projects in California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii, and a loan pipeline that surpassed $12 Billion in 2018! Jake’s personal time is for helping, learning, laughing, loving, family and friends. Jake’s time beyond that is for supercars, and snowboarding.

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Debt & Equity for ALL CRE property types from $10 Million to $500 Million +

I am know for closing some of the most challenging CRE deals in the world with leverage often surpassing 100% +