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Gregg Bernstein

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As a University of California, San Diego graduate, Gregg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and History in 1991. He holds a California Real Estate Broker License and a National Loan Originator’s License. Gregg has extensive experience in general finance, business development and management, real estate finance, and general residential and commercial real estate. He has been the CEO of RAVA Capital, Inc., a mortgage broker and lender in Westwood, Los Angeles that has served the community with residential and commercial conventional and private money loans. In 1993, Gregg co-founded the largest Long Term Care Pharmacy in California, and as its Vice President of Operations over the span of 12 years, he helped the company grow from a start-up to an established company with over 250 employees and over 60 million dollars of annual revenue. Gregg enjoys traveling and playing tennis and golf.

Industry Expertise

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Finance
      • Lending
        • Private Lender