CAPRATE: Healthcare & Real Estate 2014

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CAPRATE: Healthcare & Real Estate 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 7:30am to 5:00pm


Are you active or looking to become active in the exciting healthcare real estate niche? Join Greater Chicago & the Midwest region’s most innovative healthcare real estate executives on June 5 for Healthcare & Real Estate 2014: Chicago. This innovative new conference will shed light on important trends in healthcare that will impact and change demand drivers for the underlying real estate assets. How hot, and how real are the healthcare real estate opportunities in 2014 in the myriad of properties, including hospitals, medical office buildings and research facilities? Will the healthcare law survive in the coming years, and will it boost the economy and benefit both sectors as supporters claim? Or, will the law be modified or repealed as many now suggest, and what impact will this have on healthcare real estate? Join 40 speakers in 10 panels and the expected 400+ attendees for important discussion, debate and networking on June 5.



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Keywords & Conference Themes: Healthcare Real Estate | Healthcare Delivery Innovations | Affordable Care Act | Debt Financing | Equity Investors | Alternative Capital Sources | Medical Office Building Outlook | End-User Perspective

Agenda Coverage:

  • Healthcare Real Estate Market Overview: Analysis of Market Fundamentals & Investment Sales Volume around the Nation
  • Analysis & Review of Chicago, Metropolitan Chicago and Midwest Healthcare Real Estate Opportunities in Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings & Research Facilities
  • Exploring New Markets & New Opportunities in Greater Chicago & the Midwest, Including Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio
  • Healthcare Real Estate 20/20: The New and Changing Delivery of Healthcare and its Impact
    Fireside Chat with Midwest Healthcare Real Estate Firm of the Year: TBA Healthcare Industry Perspective: Who Will be the Winners – and Losers – as Healthcare Systems Continue to Consolidate?
  • Financing Healthcare Real Estate: Who are the Most Active Debt Sources, and What are the Return Requirements of Equity in 2014?
  • The Evolving Design Spectrum: Analysis of Healthcare Design Today and the Efficiencies of Multiple Care Facilities
  • Seniors’ Housing & Assisted Living Opportunities: Will the Combination Aging Population and Rising Demand for Apartment Units Create a ‘BOOM’ Opportunity in the Seniors’ Housing Sector?
  • The Midwest Medical Office Building Market: How are Investors Approaching Changing Healthcare Delivery Dynamics and Regional Development Challenges?
  • New Funds & Healthcare Real Estate Investment: Who are the New and Under-the-Radar Investors Entering the Healthcare Real Estate Spectrum, and Why?

Participating investors, developers & owners include (as of April 18):

  • Ventas
  • SPIRIT Realty Capital
  • Health Care REIT
  • MedProperties Group
  • Irgens Partners, LLC
  • Landmark Healthcare Faciliies LLC
  • USAA Real Estate Company


Noto_Michael“Healthcare real estate is now the darling of the industry. Learn more during Healthcare & Real Estate 2014″
- Michael A. Noto, Senior Vice President-Management Services Group, Health Care REIT.
Newland, Max 2014 (3x4)“I enjoyed the New York healthcare conference, a well-run event.” — Max G. Newland, Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisor


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RegistrationRonnie NiedermanCall (212) 733-3484
SponsorshipBiran KlebashCall (917) 603-3572


Thursday, June 5, 2014

7:00-8:00     Registration, Networking & Breakfast

8:00-8:05     Opening Remarks

8:05-8:30     Healthcare Real Estate Market Overview: Analysis of Market Fundamentals & Investment Sales Volume around the Nation
Hear from:
* Murray Wolf, Publisher, Healthcare Real Estate Insights

8:30-9:20     Healthcare Real Estate 20/20: The New and Changing Delivery of Healthcare and its Impact on Current and Future Investment, Development & Financing Strategies

* Analysis of investment and development trends in Chicago, Suburban Chicago and Midwest markets
* Analysis of value and demand drivers in the various healthcare real estate assets (hospitals, medial office buildings and research facilities)
* Urgent care centers update: Are they here to stay?
* Is the private practice of medicine going the way of the dinosaur? Who will survive and who may become extinct?
* How will the delivery of services continue to be impacted under reform? And, how are Chicago and Midwest executives responding?
* Could this real estate space continue to see the emergence of new investors and developers, and why?
Hear from:
* Chris Bodnar, Senior Vice President – Healthcare Capital Markets, Investment Properties, CBRE
* Mark Burkemper, Senior Vice President, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC
* Wilkingson Germain, Investment Officer, Ventas, Inc
* Nathan Golik, Vice President – Healthcare Acquistions, Carter Validus
* Mark Johnson, Director of Property Management, Healthcare Facilities, C&W Healthcare Solutions Group
* Michael A. Noto, Senior Vice President—Management Services Group, Health Care REIT
* Jesse W. Ostrow, Director, Investment Management, MedProperties Group

9:20-10:00     Evolution of the Healthcare Real Estate Lease: What are the Ramifications of the Affordable Care Act on Leasing, and How Have Terms Changed?
* What are the true ramifications of the law on day-to-day operations in healthcare-related buildings?
* What industry property types are likely to see new demand – and what areas will see less demand?
* Will the law create new financing opportunities (grants, tax incentives, public-sector financing) for healthcare real estate assets?
* How have leasing, development and investment sales transactions and terms changed over the last few years?
Hear from: 

* John Wilson, President – Corporate Real Estate Services, Office Brokerage and HealthCare Divisions, HSA Commercial Real Estate
* Scott Becker, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
* Thomas W. Tift, III, President & CEO, HealthAmerica Realty Group
* Jeffrey A. Calk, Partner, Waller

10:00-10:20 Networking Break

10:20-11:00     Healthcare Industry Perspective: Who will be the Winners – and Losers – as Healthcare Systems Continue to Consolidate?
* How are you seeing the transition of today's healthcare services from provider-centric to patient-centric?
* What are the Most Innovative — and Profitable — Medical Services Being Provided Today?
* How are individual physicians surviving today?
* Can individual physicians survive today or do they need to join a healthcare system in order to stay afloat?
* How is the current reimbursement system affecting the face of healthcare?
* How is the retail delivery of healthcare services (Urgent care, ambulatory care, ambulatory surgery centers) affecting the overall delivery of healthcare?
Hear from:

* Moderator: Dan Dolsen, MCR, Senior Managing Director, CBRE Healthcare Services Group
* Fred D. Campobasso, Managing Director, Navigant, Healthcare Real Estate Practice
* Matthew M. Joseph, Real Estate, Presence Health
* Gina Weldy, Vice President, Real Estate, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

11:00-11:30     Networking Break

11:30-12:20     Financing Healthcare Real Estate: Who are the Most Active Debt Sources, and What are the Return Requirements of Equity in 2014?
* Analysis of new, emerging and alternative debt programs in 2014
* Analysis of equity sources: Who is stepping up to the plate, any why? And, who has returned to the bench?
* Are you seeing the trend of healthcare systems (notably hospitals) monetizing assets so they can better free-up capital for infrastructure and other improvements?
* Will the healthcare law create new financing options and opportunities?
* Is healthcare real estate more desirable in 2014 for debt and equity sources?
* Is there a specific property type (hospitals, MOBs, research facilities) that is more favorable for debt/equity financing?
* Analysis of interest rates and other external/macro factors that could impact the capital markets and availability of debt/equity
Hear from:

* W. Michael Bennett, Managing Director, HFF
* Mindy Berman, Managing Director, Capital Markets, JLL
* Jonathan Buehner, GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services
* James Groves, VP/Healthcare Capital Markets, Siemens Financial Services, Inc.
* Marc C. Reinisch, Managing Principal, Rushmore Properties, LLC (tentative)
* R. Joseph Spicer, CFA, Director, CS Capital Management, Inc.
* Jonathan M. Wolfe, STREAM Capital Partners, LLC

12:20-12:50 Networking Luncheon

12:50-1:30     The Evolving Design Spectrum: Analysis of Healthcare Design Today and the Efficiencies of Multiple Care Facilities
* What are healthcare providers key concerns with designing spaces today to make the most efficient and patient friendly?
* What are the key characteristics in terms of design today to make healthcare spaces more efficient?
* Compared to other property types, healthcare facilities have significant impact on the environment, therefore what are the key characteristics in planning a project to see that it is environmentally friendly?
* What are the key elements to make healthcare spaces more patient friendly?
* Are you seeing healthcare users incorporate sustainability into their architectural design?
* With the expansion of healthcare construction, are you seeing a lot of new companies expanding into this area? And, is this a trend?
* Exploring the importance of efficient health care design in today's multi-specialty healthcare spaces
* What is hot, and what's not in healthcare real estate architecture, design and development in 2014?
* How are design innovations being implemented in various regions of the U.S.?
* How is the Affordable Care Act impact changing healthcare real estate design strategy?
Hear from:
* Jecoah Byrnes, Vice President, Embree Healthcare Group, Inc. (tentative)
* Tim Delgado, President, Read King Medical Development
* Michael F. O'Keefe, Director, Navigant, Healthcare Real Estate Practice
* Bob Solfelt, Vice President and General Manager, Mortenson Construction

1:30-2:10     Seniors' Housing & Assisted Living Opportunities: Will the Combination Aging Population and Rising Demand for Apartment Units Create a 'BOOM' Opportunity in the Seniors' Housing Sector?
* Why invest and/or develop seniors' housing and/or assisted living facilities? What are the key differences between the two property types?
* What types of traditional and non-traditional financing are available for this new niche?
* Who is buying seniors' housing/assisted living assets in 2014, and why?
* Analysis of value and demand drivers in seniors' housing and assisted living assets.
* Analysis of rental growth: Just how fast is the tenant base growing as the population ages?
Hear from:

* Moderator: Ben Firestone, Managing Director – Founding Partner, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
* Manisha Bathija, Senior Investment Officer – Central Region, Ventas REIT
* Keven Bennema, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Lifestyle Corporation
* Jeff Gardner, Director, BMO Harris Bank
* Kevin McMeen, President – Real Estate, MidCap Financial
* Curt Schaller, Co-Founder and Principal, Focus Healthcare Partners

2:10-2:50     The "High-Barrier to Entry" Medical Office Building Market: How are Investors Approaching Changing Healthcare Delivery Dynamics and Regional Development Challenges?
* Analysis of buying, selling and vacancy trends in Chicago, Suburban Chicago, and Emerging Midwest Markets
* How have macro and micro economic conditions impacted the MOB sector?
* Who is financing new MOB investment and development deals in 2014?
* Why are MOB assets more or less desirable than hospitals or research facilities?
* Analysis of strategies to reposition office, retail and other under-performing assets to MOBs.
Hear from:
* Jay Blanton, Managing Principal, Insite Properties, LLC (tentative)
* Todd Bryant, Founder, Healthcare Development Partners
* P.J. Camp, Principal, H2C
* W. Charles Campbell, Managing Partner, Brackett Flagship Properties, LLC (tentative)
* J. Taggart Birge, Executive Vice President of Development, Cornerstone Companies, Inc.
* Lee Kotler, Principal, Crossroads Development Partners
* Kirsten Helma, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President, SVN Crossroads Management, LLC

2:50-3:30      New Funds & Healthcare Real Estate Investment: Who are the New and Under-the-Radar Investors Entering the Healthcare Real Estate Spectrum, and Why? 
Hear from:
* Analysis of risk-and-reward for new investors: Why buy or building a hospital, medical office building or research facility?
* What types of debt sources are financing new investment/development: banks, life companies, CMBS or another source?
* Is JV equity an option for financing new investment/development?
* What has been the experience of new funds in this space over the last 5-10 years?
* Buy, sell or hold: If healthcare real estate is "recession-resistant" property type, what factors will sustain its growth in good economic times and why is it particularly attractive to the myriad of new and emerging investors?
* If successful in acquiring a medical building, what are the keys to maintaining a healthy, happy and occupied property?
* What are the factors that make owning a medical building different from a general commercial/office building?
* What factors should be considered when deciding to purchase properties locally, regionally or nationally?
Hear from:
* Jared Morgan, Vice President – Investments, SPIRIT Realty Capital

3:30 Keynote Address

Scott Becker Partner McGuireWoods LLP
Scott has been on the Board of Partners since 2008 and is the chairman of the firm’s healthcare department. He practices exclusively in the healthcare regulatory and transactional area. He provides counsel on healthcare transactional and regulatory matters to hospitals, health systems, hospital chains, ambulatory surgery centers, ambulatory surgery center chains, private equity funds and lenders, and healthcare industry entrepreneurs. During the past several years, Scott has devoted a majority of his time and efforts to ambulatory surgery centers and ASC chains, hospitals and health systems, private equity funds and healthcare industry entrepreneurs. He provides advice and counsel on a broad range of business and legal issues. Scott is a Harvard Law Graduate and a Certified Public Accountant in Illinois. View Profile
Kevin Bennema Executive Vice President Senior Lifestyle Corporation
W. Michael Bennett Managing Director HFF
Mindy Berman Managing Director Jones Lang LaSalle
Ms. Berman serves as a Managing Director in the Capital Markets Group for the Americas Region of Jones Lang LaSalle. She serves the firm’s corporate clients by developing and executing financial strategies for their occupancy and capital requirements, assisting them in the analysis and evaluation of deal structures to help meet their economic and financial reporting objectives. Ms. Berman has 30 years of corporate finance experience structuring and arranging financing for the fixed assets of major corporate clients to meet their economic, financial, operational, tax and financial reporting objectives. Representative clients include Adobe Systems, Electronic Arts and Sun Microsystems. She has relationships with a variety of capital sources including institutional investors, commercial banks, finance companies and private equity investors. View Profile
J. Taggart Birge Executive Vice President Cornerstone Companies, Inc.
Tag has been involved in commercial development and financing since 1997. He graduated cum laude from Indiana University in 1993 with a BA in Political Science. In 1997, he received his JD from the University of Virginia and joined Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana, as an associate, becoming a partner in the real estate group in 2004. His legal practice focused on office, medical and industrial development representing Duke Realty Corporation and other private developers on numerous transactions around the United States. As an attorney, Tag was ranked by his peers as one of the best real estate attorneys in State of Indiana. In 2004, Tag withdrew from the partnership of Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP, and joined Lauth Property Group. While at Lauth Property Group, Tag developed approximately $200,000,000 worth of office and health care buildings around the country. Initially, Tag ran the Midwest office and health care development for Lauth Property Group and in 2007 assumed responsibility for all of Lauth’s medical development in the United States. During Tag’s tenure at Lauth, Lauth was a top ten developer of medical office buildings in the country as tracked by Modern Healthcare. Since leaving Lauth, Tag Birge has joined Bob Whitacre at Cornerstone Companies, Inc. which specializes in medical development. Tag is a principal in the company and currently serves as Cornerstone’s Executive Vice President. Tag currently serves on the Board of Directors of Bowen Engineering, the Sports Corporation Board, Heart of Gold Charity Board, BOMA Board, and the Orchard School Board of Trustees. View Profile
Jay Blanton Managing Principal Insite Properties, LLC
As Founder and Managing Partner of Insite Properties, LLC, Jay is responsible for strategic direction, day-to-day management, financial analysis and investor decisions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University in Baltimore and a Master of Science in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins University. Jay has been involved in commercial real estate brokerage, consulting, and development full time since 1987. Prior to moving to Charlotte in 1997, Jay spent ten years in Downtown Washington, DC as a commercial real estate broker initially with Grubb & Ellis and later with Faison. In Charlotte, Jay was Vice President, Corporate Services with Lincoln Harris where he represented such clients as US LEC, J.C. Bradford & Company, Interstate/Johnson Lane, ALLTEL, Wachovia Securities, Bank of America and The Urban Land Institute. During his four years with Lincoln Harris, Jay completed over 60 transactions in 50 states throughout the United States and Canada. Jay left Lincoln Harris in 2001 to form Insite Properties. View Profile
Chris Bodnar First Vice President CBRE
Chris Bodnar joined CBRE in 2003 and is a Senior Vice President of the Investment Properties division and coleads the CBRE Healthcare Capital Markets Group with his business partner Lee Asher. Disciplined in the specialty of Investment Sales, Mr. Bodnar has been involved in the disposition of over 10 million square feet of commercial assets, exceeding a total value of $2.5 billion dollars on behalf of its clients. In 2006, Mr. Bodnar formed CBRE’s Healthcare Capital Markets Group (HCMG). This group specializes in providing healthcare real estate investors with acquisition, disposition and recapitalization strategies; assisting healthcare providers with strategic capital planning (including monetization and capital raising efforts); and advising health systems and physician groups in the developer selection process. In 2013, Mr. Bodnar was named the “Healthcare Real Estate Executive of the Year” by Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ (HREI). The HREI Insights Awards™ is the only national awards ceremony dedicated to the healthcare real estate sector. The award was judged based on the “…demonstration of leadership in the healthcare real estate sector, demonstrated excellence in the use of strategy, innovation and creativity, significant contributions to professional healthcare real estate organizations and other contributions including teaching/mentoring, presenting, judging and publishing.” View Profile
Todd Bryant President HDP
Todd B. Bryant serves as President and Managing Member of Healthcare Development Partners. He has been a successful developer of outpatient medical buildings, clinics and physician office buildings for fifteen years. Todd is currently responsible for overseeing all company transactions and financial relationships. His intimate knowledge of investment banking and real estate transactions are paramount to the success of Healthcare Development Partners. Previous to forming HDP, he was President and a Principal of Medical Development Partners, a nationwide developer of outpatient healthcare facilities and was responsible for all corporate activities. Prior to his involvement with Medical Development Partners, Todd helped lead two national developers of ambulatory facilities as their Division Vice President, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Vice President of Sales and Development. Earlier in his career, Todd was the Leasing Director for Equitec Properties. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. View Profile
Jonathan Buehner GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services
Mr. Buehner works on Medical Office / Medical Property transactions at GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services (HFS). During his five-year GE tenure, he has experience with originations, structuring, valuation, portfolio management and underwriting – from smaller single asset deals to large complex portfolio transactions. Since 2011, Mr. Buehner has led the underwriting on 50+ healthcare real estate transactions for $750MM+ in loan commitments. He works with originations to add value for customers utilizing GE’s healthcare expertise, flexibility, certainty of execution and ability to structure and align debt with the borrower’s business plan. Mr. Buehner also manages a $500MM portfolio of medical office and medical property loans, a subset of the broader GEHFS portfolio.
Mark Burkemper Senior Vice President Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC
Mr. Burkemper is a Senior Vice President in the transactions group for Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC. Mr. Burkemper is responsible for sourcing, analyzing, and closing of transactions and venture relationships within the firm’s focus on healthcare assets. During his tenure at Harrison Street, Mr. Burkemper has acquired or developed over $1.5 billion of self storage, medical office and senior housing transactions. Prior to joining Harrison Street, Mr. Burkemper was a Senior Associate at Morgan Stanley within its Merchant Banking Real Estate Investing Group. While at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Burkemper sourced, underwrote and closed acquisition and joint venture opportunities in the US, Canada and Mexico for several of its funds. In this capacity, he analyzed potential acquisitions, development and redevelopment opportunities across the capital structure, property types and risk / return fund parameters. Mr. Burkemper graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics as well as Finance, Investments & Banking. He is a member of the University of Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association and Institutional Real Estate’s NEXTGen advisory board. View Profile
Fred D. Campobasso Managing Director Navigant
Fred Campobasso is a Managing Director in the Global Construction practice and leads the Healthcare Real Estate practice. His areas of expertise include comprehensive program management, development, strategic consulting, real estate optimization, and project financing. Over the course of his career he has served as an advisor to senior management and boards for a wide variety of healthcare organizations. Fred was formerly the President and co-founder of AMDC Corporation, recognized as one of the nation’s leading healthcare real estate services and development firms. AMDC joined Navigant in 2007. Select engagement experience includes: Genesis Health System, Zanesville, OH: master plan implementation to consolidate two existing inpatient acute facilities onto one campus; Northwestern Memorial Health System, Chicago, IL: 800,000-square-foot outpatient care pavilion; Metro Health, Wyoming, MI: 200-bed replacement hospital and healthcare village; University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, NJ (UMPCC): 250-bed replacement hospital; Orleans Parish Health Service District–A, New Orleans, LA: redevelopment of the Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital; Fred is a frequent guest speaker on healthcare real estate development and consulting topics. View Profile
Jecoah Byrnes Vice President Embree Halth Group, Inc.
Jecoah Byrnes serves as Vice President of Embree Healthcare Group ("EHG"), a division of Embree Group. Embree is a leading national provider of real estate services to healthcare users including hospitals, physician groups, specialty medical providers, and post-acute & senior housing operators. Focused primarily on single-tenant users, Embree applies its 30+ year history of national construction and development expertise to the changing needs of today's healthcare providers. We offer fully integrated real estate services from initial site selection and demand studies to development, construction, project & program management, debt & equity finance, and asset monetization. View Profile
W. Charles Campbell Managing Partner Brackett Flagship Properties, LLC
Charles Campbell is a co-manager of Brackett Flagship Properties, LLC. Along with co-manager Diane Rivers, Mr. Campbell oversees all aspects of the Firm including direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. Mr. Campbell's direct responsibilities include business development, marketing and strategic planning for the Firm. Mr. Campbell is also the co-founder and CEO of Flagship Capital Partners, LLC, and has over 20 years experience in the commercial and investment real estate business. Under Mr. Campbell’s leadership, Flagship Capital's owned and managed portfolio has grown since its inception to 25 properties totaling approximately 850,000 square feet, with 80% of the portfolio being healthcare real estate. Combined with the Brackett Company, Brackett Flagship Properties, LLC leases and manages a combined portfolio of nearly 60 properties totaling over 1.5 million square feet. Mr. Campbell has extensive experience in the areas of deal structuring, financing, development, asset management and corporate real estate services. Mr. Campbell holds a B.A. in Political Science from Wake Forest University and broker’s licenses in North Carolina and South Carolina. He serves on the local Paragon Bank Advisory Board, and is the past Chairman of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce South Park Area Board of Advisors. He is a member of the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors (CRCBR). Mr. Campbell also has served on the Executive Board of the Mecklenburg County Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Board of Directors of the McColl Center for Visual Arts. He is an active volunteer in the community, working in various capacities with the Boy Scouts, Youth Sports Programs, and the Providence Day School. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and two children. View Profile
Jeffrey A. Calk Partner Waller
Hospital systems value Jeff Calk’s advice and counsel in keeping their business compliant during complex real estate transactions. His focus is on commercial and healthcare real estate, including acute care and behavioral hospitals, senior housing facilities, medical office buildings, and physician practices. Healthcare regulatory laws and compliance are integral to real estate transactions between healthcare providers and referral sources; in the face of these complexities, Jeff works to make matters as simple as possible for the client, especially when navigating Stark Law and Anti-Kickback statute issues. An effective communicator, Jeff is solutions-oriented when advising clients on conducting their business. Similarly, investors in healthcare real estate (whether medical office developers, healthcare REITS or physicians) seek Jeff’s counsel in negotiating transactions with hospital systems. On a day-to-day basis, Jeff handles a variety of matters, including: Acquisition and development of medical office buildings; Transactions to monetize healthcare real estate assets; Needs of REITs in acquisitions, development projects, divestitures, financing transactions, and leasing transactions involving a wide range of healthcare facilities. Evidencing his depth of experience and knowledge in the healthcare real estate sector, Jeff serves as national leasing counsel for a publicly traded healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Furthermore, Jeff has been recognized by Best Lawyers in the category of Real Estate Law. View Profile
P.J. Camp Principal H2C
Mr. Camp brings over 20 years of professional experience and leadership to the team at Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC. Over those years, he has served as a trusted advisor for a multitude of healthcare organizations, REITs, developers and other owners of healthcare real estate on transactions involving medical office properties and portfolios of all types of healthcare real estate assets throughout the country. Prior to launching H2C, Mr. Camp was a Managing Director at Shattuck Hammond Partners, where he led the firm’s healthcare real estate group for over 10 years and served on the firm’s board and the management committee. His responsibilities included: advising clients in executing real estate transactions, such as sale/leasebacks, developer selections, and single asset and portfolio dispositions; raising both debt and equity capital; and providing merger and acquisition services to companies in the real estate industry. His clients include many of the most recognizable hospital and healthcare systems nationwide with properties located in almost every state in the country. In addition to hospital organizations, he has advised many seniors’ housing companies, as well as the nation’s top REITs, real estate developers and a broad range of companies that own and/or lease significant amounts of real estate. Prior to joining Shattuck Hammond Partners, Mr. Camp was a founding member of Ernst & Young Kenneth Leventhal’s National Real Estate Capital Markets Group, where he specialized in the execution of healthcare real estate transactions nationwide. Prior to his tenure with Ernst & Young Kenneth Leventhal, Mr. Camp acquired development property as a member of the land acquisitions group of K. Hovnanian Companies, a top 10 publicly-traded development company, and practiced architecture with an east coast firm as a licensed architect in the State of New York. Mr. Camp received his B.S. and B. Architecture, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School. View Profile
Tim Delgado President Read King Medical Development
Tim Delgado serves as President of Read King Medical Development. Tim is a veteran of the healthcare and medical real estate development industry, and has worked closely with several major hospital systems and physician groups on healthcare developments of all types and sizes. Tim’s experience includes projects consisting of Hospitals, Free-Standing Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Facilities, Medical Clinics, Medical Office Buildings, Seniors Independent, Assisted and Memory Care Living Facilities, and Mixed-Use Developments. Tim is a licensed Real Estate Broker and previously played professional baseball for 11 years with the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. View Profile
Dan Dolsen Senior Managing Director CBRE Healthcare Services Group
Mr. Dolsen is responsible for business development for CBRE’s national healthcare services group. Mr. Dolsen has an extensive healthcare real estate background and experience in corporate account management. In this role, Mr. Dolsen is responsible for leading teams that develop real estate and facility solutions which provide significant improvement in portfolio and operating performance for the nation’s leading health systems. Since 2001, Mr. Dolsen has served as Senior Vice President/ Area Director and Principal of the former Trammell Crow Company in Southeast Michigan where he was responsible for strategic and operational activities as delivered through over 350 real estate professionals. His duties included oversight of real estate strategic planning services, facility management, transaction management and project management. View Profile
Ben Firestone Managing Director Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
Ben Firestone is a Managing Director and a Founding Partner of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors. Prior to founding Blueprint, Ben was Vice President, Investments at a leading national real estate investment firm. Over the course of a decade-long career, Ben has completed over 100 seniors housing transactions in 30 states. Ben prides himself on his integrity, accountability and industriousness as well as his ability to deeply identify with both institutional investors and local entrepreneurs. Ben received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and received an MBA in Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Ben has also completed courses at the Erickson School of Aging and is the Managing Real Estate Broker for Blueprint. Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in seniors housing and healthcare real estate transactions. Blueprint has fortified broad market coverage with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. Blueprint’s clients benefit from both the dedication delivered by a boutique advisory group and the power and presence of a national platform. The Blueprint team of professionals possesses unmatched healthcare real estate expertise, profound industry relationships and an extensive track record having completed more than $2.5 Billion in transaction volume.
Jeff Gardner Director BMO Harris Bank
Wilkingson Germain Investment Officer Ventas, Inc.
Will joined Ventas in 2006. Involved in over $5 billion in healthcare real estate transactions, he is responsible for originating and executing medical property acquisitions and development opportunities. He served as Director of Acquisitions and Investments for Lillibridge Healthcare Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ventas from 2010 to 2013. Previously, he served as the Asset Manager for Ventas’ medical office portfolio, where he oversaw MOB operations including joint venture partnerships, third party property managers, budgeting and financial reporting. Prior to that, Will served on the Acquisitions team helping underwrite and execute seniors housing and medical office transactions. Before joining Ventas, Will worked at General Electric Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of General Electric Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Finance Degree from the University of New Haven with a minor Accounting and Economics. View Profile
Nathan Golik Vice President Carter Validus
Nathan Golik is Vice President of the Healthcare Division of Carter Validus. Mr. Golik has over 15 years of experience in commercial real estate finance, with the last 11 years focused exclusively on healthcare. Mr. Golik has been responsible for the development and financing of acute-care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical office buildings. To date he has completed projects in excess of $300 million. Previously, Mr. Golik was Senior Vice President at KDC where he headed up a nationally focused healthcare development platform. His responsibilities included underwriting, financing, marketing, and construction management oversight. Prior to KDC he was Senior Vice President at The Cirrus Group a regional healthcare focused investment and development group. While at The Cirrus Group Mr. Golik spent a majority of his time focused on sourcing and overseeing the entire development process from concept to completion. Mr. Golik started his career as a Financial Analyst in 1998 for Archon Group/a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. There he was responsible for financial underwriting and development management of projects in excess of $500 million. Mr. Golik received his Bachelor’s degree in finance from Baylor University.
James Groves VP Siemens Financial Services, Inc.
Jim Groves is serving as the Vice President of Healthcare Capital Markets for Siemens Financial Services, Inc. where he is responsible for primary and secondary purchase and sale opportunities in healthcare real estate debt. Mr. Groves has been in the commercial real estate industry for nearly 15 years, working in varied roles from origination and underwriting, CMBS securitization, and debt syndications. As the head of the sell-side syndications desk for Merrill Lynch, Mr. Groves placed over $1B of commercial real estate whole loans, A/B Notes and mezzanine debt with insurance companies, domestic and European Banks, hedge funds and opportunity funds. Prior to Merrill Lynch, he has served in various commercial real estate capital markets roles with Credit Suisse First Boston and Prudential. Mr. Groves earned a MBA from Emory University and a BS from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. In addition, he has been a guest speaker on the state of the capital markets with the Wisconsin Real Estate Club, Northwestern University School of Law, and the Erickson School of Aging Studies at the University of Maryland. Mr. Groves holds the NASD Series 7 and 63 licenses.
Kirsten Helma Chief Operating Officer SVN Crossroads Management
Kirsten Helma is the COO for SVN Crossroads Management. View Profile
Mark Johnson Director of Property Management C&W Healthcare Solutions Group
Mark Johnson serves as the Director of Property Management, Healthcare Facilities for the C&W Healthcare Solutions Group. Mr. Johnson has more than 30 years of experience in managing and leasing real estate assets, with the last 20 years dedicated specifically to serving the healthcare industry. Mr. Johnson is responsible for leading the business development effort and delivery of healthcare real estate management services on behalf of Cushman & Wakefield and its clients. Mr. Johnson’s extensive experience includes several leadership positions in healthcare real estate, including Director of Property Management, Rush University Medical Center; Officer & Vice President, Lillibridge Health Trust; and Senior Vice President, National Property Management Executive, Lend Lease Healthcare Development (Formerly the DASCO Companies). His efforts in managing and leasing healthcare real estate assets include working with Academic, Community and Faith based healthcare organizations throughout the United States, along with working with the two largest owners of medical office buildings in the country. He has lowered operating expenses while raising tenant satisfaction in numerous medical properties, and successfully managed multi-million dollar portfolio building improvement programs. Mr. Johnson earned an MBA in Real Estate Finance from DePaul University, and a BA in Accounting, Economics & Management from Albion College. He is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and has earned a Healthcare Construction Certificate from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado and Illinois. A long standing member of the Building Owners & Managers Association, Mr. Johnson is the past Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the BOMA International Medical Office Building Group, and also serves as a member of the MOB Committee of the Suburban Chicago BOMA Chapter. He has written and spoken frequently on healthcare real estate topics, was a co-author of BOMA’s publication, Leasing & Managing Healthcare Real Estate, 2nd Edition and the creator of the BOMA Medical Office & Healthcare Real Estate Forum on LinkedIn. View Profile
Matthew M. Joseph Real Estate Presence Health
Matthew M. Joseph is a member of the Healthcare Practice Group at Cushman & Wakefield, specializing in healthcare specific tenant/landlord representation, acquisition/disposition, development and investment sales transactions. Mr. Joseph is responsible for providing clients with best in class services including financial analysis, strategic planning, and lease/sale negotiations and is equipped to assist clients in a variety of transaction requirements in multiple markets. Mr. Joseph also works within Cushman & Wakefield’s Investment Capital Markets Group, where Mr. Joseph has expanded his region of expertise to the Midwest focusing on investment property. This specialty includes the acquisition and disposition of office, retail, mixed use and land. The Investment Capital Markets Group of Cushman & Wakefield is the preeminent provider of real estate capital solutions for owners, investors, and users of property. Today, Mr. Joseph has unsurpassed reach in the Midwest Capital Markets, intimate knowledge of real estate fundamentals, and complete access to the firm’s full brokerage capabilities. Mr. Joseph has represented an array of clients from investors, developers, corporate and institutional, to not for profit and private business. In addition, Mr. Joseph acquired, negotiated and closed a number of the company’s most complex acquisitions and dispositions. Quickly becoming a leader in his field, Mr. Joseph now concentrates his efforts on healthcare real estate consulting services. Mr. Joseph acts as an outsourced real estate department for healthcare systems and physician groups and has been embedded within Presence Health (formerly Provena Health and Resurrection Health Care) for the past 8 years.
Lee Kotler Principal Crossroads Development Partners
Lee Kotler brings a vast and diversified amount of commercial real estate experience to Crossroads, having been involved in a wide range of commercial real estate ventures and transactions totaling over $120 million during his career. At Crossroads, Kotler is involved in all aspects of the company’s business, with a significant focus on new acquisitions, development opportunities, and property and asset management for the firm’s owned portfolio as well as third-party engagements. Prior to joining Crossroads, Kotler was Vice President at Arthur Goldner & Associates, Inc. where he participated in the acquisition, sales, leasing, property management and asset management of commercial investment real estate throughout the Midwest. As a principal investor, Kotler is currently involved in several real estate investment partnerships as a general partner/manager or limited partner. Additionally, Kotler has served both private and institutional clients in the areas of property and asset management. His brokerage experience includes office, retail, multifamily and land assets. Kotler received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Illinois. View Profile
Kevin McMeen President MidCap Financial
Kevin McMeen is a co-founder of MidCap Financial, a private finance company focused on the healthcare industry. As President of the real estate business, Mr. McMeen is responsible for the origination, underwriting and management of the real estate portfolio. Prior to joining MidCap, Mr. McMeen led the real estate lending practice for Merrill Lynch Capital Healthcare Finance. Mr. McMeen also led the healthcare real estate segments of GE Healthcare Commercial Finance and its predecessor, Heller Healthcare Finance. Mr. McMeen is an active member of the American Seniors Housing Association and the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industries, where he served as board chairman from 2009 through 2011. He has also served as an instructor at the Erickson Executive Education program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Mr. McMeen currently serves as Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Children’s Research Fund an affiliate organization of Lurie Children’s Hospital Foundation. Mr. McMeen holds a M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech and a B.S. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. View Profile
Jared Morgan Vice President SPIRIT Realty Capital
Mr. Morgan currently serves as Vice President of Investments for Spirit Realty Capital (SRC), a leading net leased publically traded REIT. Prior to joining Spirit, Mr. Morgan was head of acquisitions and dispositions for the net leased opportunity fund Sovereign Investment Company. Mr. Morgan previously served as Operating Partner of Excess Space Retail Services, Inc. and was co-founder and Operating Partner at Wired Environments, an Apollo Real Estate Advisors venture. Mr. Morgan previously worked in the real estate investment banking division of BT Alex. Brown and the real estate valuation services group of Arthur Andersen & Co. Mr. Morgan holds a BA degree from Colby College. View Profile
Michael A. Noto Senior Vice President Healthcare REIT
Michael A. Noto serves as Senior Vice President of Health Care REIT’s Management Group (MSG). He is responsible for ensuring that the MSG’s operations, finance and leasing departments provide hospital clients and physician tenants with quality property management services, timely management information and a wide array of leasing services. Mr. Noto has been with the company since September, 2001. Mr. Noto spent 13 years as a banking executive with responsibilities including commercial and real estate lending, credit administration and the management and workout of tens of millions of dollars of real estate assets. During his 17 years as a practicing attorney, Mr. Noto was directly involved in the financing, management, acquisition and disposition of millions of dollars of real estate. Mr. Noto is a member of the BOMA International and has participated on panel discussions at a number of Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Facilities conferences. Mr. Noto received a Bachelor of Arts degree and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University and a law degree from Pace University School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the States of New York and Florida. View Profile
Jesse W. Ostrow Director MedProperties Group
Mr. Ostrow is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and managing acquisition opportunities for MedProperties Group. Previously, Mr. Ostrow was a Principal at Equibase Capital Group, LLC, a real estate investment firm with a national platform focused on investing private equity and debt capital. He also worked at Security Capital Research & Management focusing on investment structuring for a multi-billion real estate private equity fund, Security Capital Preferred Growth, as well as new product development and marketing initiatives. He began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Real Estate Group at A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. Mr. Ostrow earned his MBA at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a BBA with High Distinction from the University of Michigan Business School. View Profile
Curt Schaller Co-Founder and Principal Focus Healthcare Partners
Curt Schaller is co-founder and principal of Focus Healthcare Partners LLC, a private investment and asset management firm targeting the healthcare real estate sector. Focus makes direct equity, mezzanine debt and preferred equity investments in senior housing, skilled nursing, medical office and other specialty healthcare properties as well as investments in special situation opportunities including distressed and discounted debt. Focus has existing joint ventures with top tier capital partners including Garrison Investment Group, Artemis Real Estate Partners, Dune Real Estate Partners and Buchanan Street Partners. Prior to forming Focus, Curt held senior leadership positions with several firms in the healthcare real estate industry, most recently serving as Senior Managing Director for GE Healthcare Financial Services’ real estate investment group. In this role, he was responsible for managing the group’s $6.5 billion debt business. Curt joined GE via its purchase of Merrill Lynch Capital in February 2008. As National Director of Originations with Merrill Lynch Capital’s Healthcare Finance Group, he grew its annual originations volume from under $200 million in 2003 to nearly $2 billion in 2006. He was also integrally involved in the team’s strategic planning, syndication efforts and portfolio management. Prior to joining Merrill, Curt was a Senior Vice President for GE Healthcare Financial Services and managed its senior housing investment team. While at GE, the group’s healthcare real estate investment portfolio grew from less than $500 million in 2001 to $1.5 billion in 2003. Prior to GE’s acquisition of Heller Financial in September 2001, Curt held several positions with Heller Healthcare Finance. As an investment officer and underwriter he was responsible for originating and underwriting debt and equity transactions as well as portfolio management. Before joining Heller in 1997, his professional experiences included real estate development, accounting and real estate advisory services. Curt received bachelor degrees in real estate and finance from the University of Wisconsin in 1991. He has served as an executive board member of the American Seniors Housing Association and on several advisory committees for the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC).
Michael F. O'Keefe Director Navigant
Mike O’Keefe is a Director with Navigant’s healthcare real estate practice. Since 1985 Mr. O’Keefe has played an integral role in the planning, development, financing, leasing, acquisition, asset management, and financial analysis of over $1 billion of healthcare projects throughout the U.S. Prior to joining Navigant, he was the Vice President of Development and Principal of AMDC Corporation. Prior to that, he was President and Founder of Medical Realty Associates and Vice President of Project Management and Leasing and for Universal Medical Buildings. Before focusing exclusively on healthcare real estate, Mr. O’Keefe was a Vice President of Acquisitions for Brauvin Real Estate Funds, Property Manager for Rubloff, Inc., and Director of Acquisitions for Equitec Financial Group. View Profile
Mark C. Reinisch Managing Principal Rushmore Properties
Bob Solfelt Vice President Mortenson Construction
Bob provides overall direction and management of all facets of Mortenson Development, Inc.'s commercial real estate business including strategy, financing, partner, development, acquisitions and marketing. He has a depth of market knowledge and industry expertise, including entitlements, leasing and financing, and works seamlessly with Mortenson Construction to provide services related to design, construction and building turnover. View Profile
R. Joseph Spicer CFA CS Capital Management, Inc.
Mr. Spicer has been with CS Capital Management, Inc. (CSCM) for eight years. CSCM is a boutique investment management and advisory firm that focuses on unique investment opportunities within the real estate sector, which often combine characteristics of both private equity and direct real estate investments. Mr. Spicer has provided advisory services related to the strategic acquisition and ongoing management oversight of private real estate operating companies (REOCs) with capitalizations exceeding $3.3 billion. In addition, Mr. Spicer has been involved in the origination and ongoing management oversight of multiple programmatic operating joint ventures between tax exempt institutional investors and real estate operators, representing in excess of $1.3 billion in gross asset value. Mr. Spicer recently advised an institutional client on a $600 million investment in a joint venture with a single-family rental operator, which was subsequently converted into shares of a newly formed private REIT and eventually into shares of the public REIT following an initial public offering. His experience covers various real estate classes, including non-traditional sectors such as affordable housing, senior housing, medical office, and single-family rental housing. Mr. Spicer has extensive experience with multiple investment formats and structures, including mezzanine debt, equity, direct investments in real estate, and entity-level investments in REOCs. Mr. Spicer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from Brown University. He is a CFA Charterholder and member of the CFA Institute, the Urban Land Institute and the Pension Real Estate Association. View Profile
Thomas W. Tift President & CEO HealthAmerica Realty Group
Founded in 1994 by Tommy Tift, HealthAmerica Realty Group, LLC is an Atlanta based real estate firm specializing solely in medical office buildings and clinic facilities. HealthAmerica currently has management and leasing assignments for over 1,500,000 square feet of medical office space across the Sunbelt with employees in offices in Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Southern California (Aliso Viejo). HealthAmerica’s clients include the major healthcare REITs, hospitals/health systems, physicians, institutional investors and individual investors who own medical office buildings. Tommy has over 30 years experience in the medical office building/healthcare real estate industry, which encompasses development, investment brokerage sales, leasing, financing and workouts of medical office buildings and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. He began his medical office career with Hardwick and Associates, a Los Angeles-based medical real estate company, in 1982 where he served for seven years as a full time real estate consultant/broker to the real estate development division of America Medical International, Inc. (AMI). AMI was located in Beverly Hills, California and was the second largest owner of hospitals in the world with 225. From 1989 until forming HealthAmerica Realty Group in 1994, Tommy brokered and developed medical office buildings with different individual partners through his company, The Medical Property Company, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tommy is a native of Atlanta and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia in 1978. Tommy is a licensed real estate broker in the states of California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. He is a member of the Atlanta Downtown Rotary Club, Georgia Hospital Association, Board of Piedmont Cotton Mills, Inc., Board of Advisors of Healthcare Real Estate Insights, and Advisory Board of the Medical Office Building Division of BOMA. View Profile
Gina Weldy Vice President Northwestern Memorial Healthcare
Gina Weldy is the Vice President of Real Estate at Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. Her division leads strategic real estate decision making and provides financial and management oversight for real estate transactions, including all acquisition and leasing activities. She also directs property management and tenant construction for Northwestern’s 6 million square foot commercial and residential real estate portfolio; the portfolio spans across the downtown medical campus and the northern Chicago suburbs. Prior to joining Northwestern Memorial, Ms. Weldy worked for Ernst & Young in their healthcare and technology consulting practices. Ms. Weldy received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University and a Masters of Business Administration from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.
John Wilson President HSA Commercial Real Estate
Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Wilson is one of Chicago’s most respected commercial real estate leaders. He has been successful in all aspects of the industry, including tenant representation, property marketing, real estate development, land transactions and owner representation. Wilson has negotiated hundreds of lease transactions valued in excess of $1 billion on behalf of a variety of prominent tenants and landlords. Some of those clients include The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Kemper Financial Services, Honeywell and Bank of America. In 1995, Wilson initiated a healthcare real estate advisory initiative which has grown into a separate operating division of HSA called PrimeCare. Wilson has led the growth of this group, which serves clients such as Good Samaritan Hospital, Christ Medical Center, Lutheran General Hospital, Provena St. Joseph, Provena St. Mary’s South Suburban Hospital, and M & M Orthopaedics, to name a few. The group has also developed and purchased nine medical office buildings across the midwest totaling more than 500,000 square feet in size. Wilson began his career in 1976 and was a top grossing broker by age 25. He co-founded Irvine Associates (later renamed Realsource, Inc.) and developed the company into one of the largest real estate firms in the Midwest. View Profile
Murray Wolf Publisher Healthcare Real Estate Insights
Murray W. Wolf is Publisher and Founding Editor of Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, which was launched in January 2003 and remains the nation’s only publication dedicated to healthcare real estate development, financing and investment. He is an experienced media executive and an award-winning journalist with more than three decades of marketing, communications and publishing experience, almost exclusively in the commercial real estate sector. Mr. Wolf also serves as Managing Principal of Wolf Marketing & Media, which he founded in 2001. In addition to the monthly HREI™ magazine, the firm publishes the annual HREI™ Resource Guide™ directory of healthcare real estate services, hosts the newly redesigned and expanded website, and presents the annual HREI Insights Awards™ recognizing excellence in healthcare real estate development and executive leadership. Wolf Marketing also has a marketing communications agency division that provides public relations, advertising, direct marketing and related services to third-party clients including developers, lenders, investors, REITs and other commercial real estate-related clients. Mr. Wolf’s previous professional experience included management and executive positions with the national media firms Meredith Corp. and Hanley Wood. He earned an MBA with a triple concentration in Marketing, Management of Organizations and International Business from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York and a BS in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Advertising from Minnesota State University in Moorhead, Minn. View Profile


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