Bisnow: Southern California Industrial & Logistics Summit 2019

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Bisnow: Southern California Industrial & Logistics Summit 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 8:00am to 11:00am


It is no secret that industrial is HOT. It is also no secret that one of the sector's warmest regions is Southern California. With Los Angeles seeing some of the highest demands for industrial space in the nation, those around it are reaping the residual benefits as well. Developers are responding to demand with 6M SF of new construction in the pipeline in the greater Los Angeles region, and 1.4 in San Diego. Industrial itself is a continually growing, changing and developing space. With a continually growing influence of everyone's favorite buzz word, E-commerce, and a world of increasingly evolved technology, market leaders must respond quickly to changing dynamics. There is no doubt that such demand is a good thing, but it comes with its own challenges. Are we building enough to keep up? Is there a chance we are building to much? In a rapidly changing sector, are we building competitive product? Join us as we explore the most significant trends impacting SoCal industrial development, and all of the logistics updates and innovations you need to know about.

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