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David Blitz

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Any potential deal I receive which makes it through the basic criteria of suitability I "speed underwrite" which usually means having a short conversation with the principal of the transaction and going through the deal story and numbers. By doing this I can understand the clients issues better and really do a dry run of what the capital provider will ask and see if the story is compelling enough to attract capital. Often I can propose a solution that might not have been what was originally contemplated. Because I have worked in placing equity as well as debt and most of the debt I have done has been structured debt I am particularly well suited to financing issues in todays world.

Industry Expertise

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Finance
      • Lending
        • Correspondent / Mortgage Banker


In addition, I am very experienced with hard/private money loans and am a correspondent for a number of these funds.

Recently I have been doing a number of advisory assignments which utilizes my prior banking and REO experience as well as my understanding of the situation of lenders and feasibility of re-capitalization.