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About Us

As a Class-A general contractor, Stellar Development offers a wide variety of services to meet the construction needs of all of our clients. Our team has decades of firsthand construction and management experience on projects of all sizes throughout the Southeast and is dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. One of the most significant benefits of partnering with Stellar Development is that we offer a level of personal attention and accessibility to our president that is unmatched in the industry. We approach each project with the same level of attention and enthusiasm, which is why we’ve quickly developed an outstanding reputation in the industry.

A few of the services that we’re pleased to offer include:

General contracting – Our team will oversee every aspect of construction from pulling permits and hiring subcontractors to managing your budget and ensuring the proper execution of the contract.

Construction management – We handle every managerial and technological aspect of the construction project ranging from cost and time management to contract administration, safety management, and planning.

Consultants and expert witness – We can be called on to testify on various construction issues that may arise in litigation; our consultants also provide a variety of additional services such as conducting property evaluation, due diligence, land use, impact, and comparison studies.
Owner Representation – We represent and work directly for the owner by overseeing the construction team, providing budget forecasts, coordinating the design team, procuring products and furnishings, and launching and opening any type of project. In this role, we act as the owner and work for their best interests.

Single family construction – In addition to overseeing the construction of commercial buildings of all sizes, we also work closely with residential clients on projects of any size, from new additions and renovations to new ground-up construction.

And more – We can handle any other services you might need, including Direct Purchase Order (DPO) process, certified payroll, insurance claims, building and structural restoration, bank inspection reports, grant and federally funded projects, and any other services needed for the construction project.

Regardless of your specific construction-related needs, you can find the assistance you require at Stellar Development. We’ve recently been recognized on the prestigious “Inc. 500” list as being one of the fastest growing companies in America and are at the forefront of the general contracting industry in Florida. To learn more about our various services, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Construction and Development
      • Contractor
      • Developer
    • Management
      • Construction/Project Management