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About Us

SNL Real Estate combines real-time news, in-depth data and expert real estate research on companies around the world. Access detailed news, pricing, financial and property data through SNL’s robust Web- and Excel-based platforms. From the North American REIT (public and private), REOC, homebuilding and gaming sectors, to the listed property markets in Europe, Asia and the emerging markets, SNL is the trusted solution for global real estate investment.

SNL Financial collects, standardizes and disseminates all relevant corporate, financial, market and M&A data — plus news and analysis — for the industries we cover: banking, financial services, insurance, real estate, energy, media/communications and metals & mining.
SNL Financial was originally founded as "S&L Securities" in New Jersey in 1987 with an initial focus on the savings and loan industry. But state law would not permit the incorporation of a non-bank with "S&L" in the official company name. So we replaced the "&" with an "N" to create "SNL." And our universe soon expanded well beyond savings & loans to the various business sectors we cover today.
Since our founding, SNL has continuously expanded our global operations, as well as the scope and depth of our coverage and products — all without compromising the standards of quality and customer service that drive our success. Throughout our organization, SNL has infused 4 core tenets — Accuracy, Relevance, Completeness and Timeliness — and we stand behind our published information with a unique Accuracy Guarantee.
As a result, leading investment banks, investment managers, corporate executives, ratings agencies, government agencies, consulting firms, law firms and media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Forbes and Fortune rely on SNL Financial for the best possible information on the companies in our sectors.

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