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About Us

O'Connor Cochran LLP serves real estate, workout, finance and incoming business investment transactions on the West Coast of the U.S. Our lawyers are highly experienced experts who have launched several successful real estate & finance teams in major national law firms, and finally figured out that it made sense to do it themselves without the big firm overhead.

There's a lot of talk about the Great Revolution in legal practice, but mostly it's still on the drawing boards. There have been some innovations and process improvements in litigation, in some regions, but the bulk of corporate and transactional work still runs on the handcrafted, $500+ per hour, old school model, which doesn't work very well in the 21st century. Clients need agile response, access to expert talent, lawyers with business sense, and predictable pricing and billing. We have scaled up teams quickly for hundreds of transactions, and handled some of the most complex deal workouts in Los Angeles. This usually requires training teams, process planning, and right-sizing the work so that it flows down to the right price point.

Give us a call to discuss how we do it. We look forward to talking with you, as we rewrite the way the legal profession works for our business clients and the profession.

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