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Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

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About Us

Providing investors and investment managers with reliable data, information and insight on fundraising activity in the institutional real estate arena.

Institutional Real Estate FundTracker is a quarterly electronic publication that provides investors and investment managers with the most comprehensive overview of fund offerings and fundraising activity in the private equity real estate arena. It features analysis and insights into market activity and trends, a detailed list of funds that closed during the previous quarter, as well as analysis of fund-raising activity by investment style, geographic focus and fund size. In addition, the publication includes a sampling of funds that are currently being marketed. Institutional Real Estate FundTracker also includes a news section that features articles on new fund launches, fundraising updates and fund closings. This extensive data and information provides readers with a global view of the investment landscape, while monitoring capital flows by investment strategy and region.

Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals