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About Us

As the industry leader in real estate and real estate investment trust (REITs) research for over 25 years, our mission is to provide unparalleled insight, advice, and service to knowledgeable investors looking to execute the best possible public and private real estate capital allocation decisions.


Depthof real estate 

Our dedicated research professionals generally cover far fewer companies per researcher than is typical for a securities firm. This specialization leads to exceptionally detailed and timely analytical work on each company as well as thought-provoking industry pieces.

ExperienceA proven 
track record

Our eight most senior research analysts average over 20 years of industry experience and have won numerous industry awards.1 Our research library houses over 3,000 reports written over the past two decades.

IndependenceNo conflicts
of interest

We do not offer the underwriting services of an investment bank, thereby avoiding the conflicts of interest that burden the typical Wall Street firm.

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