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About Us

Cress Capital is a privately owned commercial real estate investor with offices in Los Angeles, Orange County and Northern Colorado that makes principal investments and selectively provides advisory services.

Our team has invested over $1.5 billion through multiple market cycles, asset managed and property managed over 10 million square feet, provided strategic capital markets services to large institutional investors and have completed development, entitlement, workout, brokerage and disposition functions.

Securitization, globalization and tremendous capital inflows have evolved commercial real estate from a simpler model to today's complex ecosystem. The rapid ebb and flow of this system often ignores underlying real estate fundamentals and economic prospects creating highly attractive niche investment opportunities. We are contrarians who focus on these overlooked and often mispriced opportunities. We also seek special situations involving elements such as broken capital structures, legal issues, environmental challenges and partnership disputes.

At our core, we believe that superior risk-adjusted returns are achieved by acquiring mispriced assets, adding value and knowing when to sell.

Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Investment / Acquisitions