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Community Buying Group

CBIZ National Commercial Real Estate Practice
About Us

The Community Buying Group began as an idea to connect people in the Real Estate Investment Industry, and help grow their businesses. As an "Investor-Landlord," CBG founder, Ben Rao, had gained hands-on entrepreneurial experience that comes with rehabbing properties to either immediately resell (flip), or to rent and manage. He noticed that a lot of people in the Real Estate Investment and Landlord Property Management business didn't know how to get better pricing of materials, or ways to get their businesses running better.

In 2010, believing he could connect people in the industry and leverage their buying power, CBG was founded. The first two years were spent cold calling individuals, associations and suppliers from a finished garage, inside one of his rentals. As the company began to grow in 2011, both in members and suppliers, it confirmed the idea that there was a need for these services, and utilizes the technology to bring people together in the same industry.

Industries Served
  • Real Estate Professionals