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Since 1981, ApartmentFinder.com has been the preferred choice for consumers looking for apartments across the nation. Whenever and wherever apartment shoppers need to find an apartment for rent, Apartment Finder is there to help. Our integrated approach to apartment shopping is more effective than any of our competitors because we understand that consumers search for apartments in multiple ways and we embrace that. Apartment Finder offers online and mobile search, interactive print, and social solutions to make the apartment shopping experience the best it can possibly be for our customers. Because we maintain a focus across all platforms, we allow consumers to choose the search they like best. That is one of the reasons that consumers prefer us over our competitors when they are ready to find an apartment.*


In today’s digital world, there are endless options available to multifamily advertisers who need to fill vacancies. At Apartment Finder, we know that a smart advertiser needs to be in front of consumers wherever they are searching. The same integrated approach that makes us number one with consumers makes us the intelligent choice for advertisers as well.

Apartment Finder offers advertisers access to all relevant media so that they can make the most of their advertising dollars. We integrate the latest technology into our advertising solutions to ensure the most up-to-date information delivery for all of our clients. We know that, just like your customers, you are searching: you are searching for residents. We are here to connect you.

Apartment Finder – Search Smarter. Live Better.

  • * #1 Most Used Marketing Source – Satisfacts (April 2012)
  • #1 Consumer Preferred Internet Listing Site – J Turner Research (May/June 2012)
  • #1 Best Internet Listing Service – Multi-Housing News (July 2012)
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