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Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group

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About Us

With roots dating to 1926, The Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group is the industry’s pre-eminent boutique real estate capital advisory firm specializing in debt financing, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, joint venture equity and sponsor equity. The firm is highly regarded within the industry for its integrity, creativity, and advocacy on behalf of its clients. Ackman-Ziff’s unparalleled commitment to aligning itself with its client base through a totally collaborative model for its professionals differentiates itself from other firms who arrange real estate financing.


Ackman-Ziff’s 80+ year history in arranging permanent and interim real estate debt has routinely positioned us to effectively maximize the cost efficiency of capital structures available in the marketplace. The firm is adept at arranging construction, bridge loans and permanent loans, and forward takeout and standby commitments.

Ackman-Ziff has deep relationships with all major real estate capital providers, including domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, CMBS lenders, CDO providers, credit companies, pension funds, private lenders, and hedge funds. In addition, for certain transactions Ackman-Ziff utilizes a variety of specialized products, such as government agency debt for multifamily transactions and various other bond programs.


The Mezzanine group at Ackman-Ziff utilizes its Mezzanine and Preferred Equity Database to provide clients with a comprehensive database of the programs of mezzanine and preferred equity capital providers nationwide. The Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Database organizes available capital by providers’ preferred property type, geography, leverage level, term, type of security required and other differentiating factors.

Ackman-Ziff’s Mezzanine team uses its wide-ranging knowledge of each provider’s program to enable it to negotiate the best economic deal available and successfully execute a transaction without the multitude of inter-creditor issues with other capital providers in the transaction that can create delays and increase costs.


Equity is integral to the structured finance approach Ackman-Ziff takes with many of its assignments. Clients frequently need a joint venture equity partner in order to meet their required capital needs. Ackman-Ziff’s clients realize significant added value when the firm advises on all components of a project’s capital structure.

Ackman-Ziff’s extensive knowledge of the appetites and desired equity structure of domestic and foreign, institutional and high net-worth investors is unparalleled in the industry. Our approach is to thoroughly understand the underlying real estate asset and the business plan that the client will implement to add value. The firm undertakes a thorough analysis of the deal elements and underwrites the transaction based on real-time knowledge of the constantly changing capital markets. This knowledge allows Ackman-Ziff to marry the right equity structure, and more importantly, the right equity partner, to each client’s unique set of circumstances. We then utilize our experience as a passive sponsor equity investor to negotiate the most favorable terms available on behalf of our clients given the risk profile of the transaction.

Investment Sales

Complementing Ackman-Ziff’s expertise sourcing debt and JV equity, the Investment Sales group offers our clients the fullest range of financing options.  This team of seasoned advisors, who have done a combined $15.2 billion in sales transactions,  is fully integrated into the Ackman-Ziff platform, allowing the firm to thoughtfully coordinate the execution of multiple recapitalization strategies across all asset classes.

Maximizing the value of our clients’ assets requires a focused strategy, one that addresses the Seller’s timing and tax objectives, highlights the property’s strengths, offers solutions to asset-level challenges, uncovers potential upside, and marries appropriate acquisition financing with capable, aggressive buyers.

Time and again, carefully selecting the precise group of potential acquirers provides the most efficient pricing and timing.  To be most effective, “laser-marketing” requires hand-crafting a marketing list of the most highly motivated buyers.  Ackman-Ziff’s knowledge of and continuous activity in the global capital markets keeps us in front of a multitude of established and emerging real estate investors: private and public, off-shore and domestic, individuals and institutions.

Industries Served
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