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Barry Judis

Sr. Account Executive
Meridian Capital Group


Founded in 1978, Redwood Mortgage is an established financial organization with more than 35 years of experience arranging and funding mortgage loans for California property owners in both senior and junior loan positions. We make loans from $100,000 to $7.5 million or more. Redwood Mortgage has arranged over a billion dollars in loans and currently manages a loan portfolio of over $275,000,000.

Redwood provides mortgage loans secured by residential investment, multifamily and commercial properties, funded through mortgage "pools". Redwood Mortgage is positioned as a “middle market” lender, bridging the gap between conventional banks, and other “hard money” loan companies, with interest rates that reflect that placement.

While I can and do work directly with borrowers my specialty is “wholesale” lending, that is, working through licensed California Real Estate Brokers to identify desirable transactions for Redwood Mortgage. I have over 40 years experience in private money lending so I know my way around a loan! Try me and see, and remember, Redwood is a good place to go when the bank says no!

California Bureau of Real Estate Lic. No. 00471329
NMLS 317901

Industry Expertise

  • Real Estate Professionals
    • Agency and Brokerage
      • Commercial Mortgage Broker
    • Finance
      • Lending
        • Private Lender
  • Other Professionals