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Wells Fargo - The Private Bank

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About Us

For more than 160 years, Wells Fargo has provided innovative wealth management solutions with a focus on client service.
A wide range of wealth management solutions

As a client of The Private Bank, you work with a relationship manager who in turn coordinates a wealth management team comprised of dedicated professionals, each a specialist in a different area of wealth management.

Our specialists work with your attorney, CPA or any of your professional advisors to custom-design the solutions most appropriate for you and your family.

At Wells Fargo Private Bank, a wide range of wealth management solutions is available to you:

Wealth planning is core to our ability to understand your unique needs and align the appropriate wealth management solutions to meet them.
Private banking solutions that leverage credit, deposit and cash management to help you reach your financial goals.
Investments organized within an asset allocation plan custom designed for your specific circumstances.
Trust solutions – Wells Fargo can help you set up a personal trust, serve as your corporate trustee, and administer your trust with a wide range of trustee services, all tailored to your unique circumstances.
Specialized wealth solutions for complex wealth and asset management needs, including business advisory services, philanthropic services, elder services and special needs trust, among others.
Insurance – we can bring you insurance solutions that are carefully synchronized with your overall wealth plan.

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